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The LABOR Paper has been serving union members and their families in Central Illinois since 1896. Over the years, the paper has changed format, areas of circulation and the types of union members it serves. Today The LABOR Paper’s circulation primarily consists of the building trades unions. The paper is published twice per month and is direct-mailed to our subscribers. The LABOR Paper informs the members and their families (approximately 20,000 readers) about pertinent issues which affect their jobs, companies and workplace. PLUS, no paper would be complete without local copy, lots of pictures and other articles of interest pertaining to the daily lives of our readers.

The LABOR Paper has become a regional newspaper, circulating statewide. The paper is subscribed to by union members across a wide band of Central Illinois, the main area of circulation. Although the “hub” is still the Peoria region, the main boundaries are Springfield, Decatur, Bloomington, LaSalle-Peru, Galesburg, Quincy, and Jacksonville. Using zip codes, we find our readers generally live in the better suburbs and nicer neighborhoods of the cities. Also, we have large number of readers living in almost every small town and/or rural residence within the radius. Depending upon the type of goods or services needed, our readers choose a larger city to visit.

As you may be aware, our subscribers earn a better than average income, many of them with a company offering stable employment. A large number of spouses also work in a wide variety of jobs including positions such as teachers, lawyers, nurses and even small business owners. This group of people generally has an income desirable to retailers and service industry.

We also cover a wide variety of topics of special interest to our readers including: Health and Wellness,  a monthly column; Special sections on hunting, fishing, and financial; and our Labor Day and Christmas special editions.

For further information, please contact our office between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. We will be happy to be of service to you and your company.

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